I am a natural light photographer whose goal is to take more than a picture. I want to evoke emotion and capture exactly who you are. My passion resides in telling the story of you. I like to think of myself as a super hero and my magical power is to freeze time. I see no greater privilege than to have the opportunity to be given the precious gift of making your memories everlasting.

My sessions are 95% outdoor. I conduct myself in a fun, relaxed and silly way. This will not be a “typical” photography experience. We will surely be giggling (at my expense as I am very clumsy!). I will be getting to know you and engaging you personally so I can be sure your true essence will be preserved for a lifetime.

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Becoming a mother is what inspired me to begin my journey into photography. My constant obsession to try to keep my babies from growing up too fast erupted into me constantly taking photos of them. This lead me to connect with others who shared the same passion.

Being a mother is currently the “full time” position I hold. My photography remains my release and creative expression and I cherish it so dearly. Should you be interested in hiring me for your next session, please email me the details on the session of your dreams! I will contact you further with pricing information and we will work together to achieve the perfect photography experience you are looking for!