I’m Chana Wood, owner and founder of Sugar Wood. I was raised at the kitchen table of a Midwestern farmer’s wife. My days on the farm were spent delivering sack lunches with my grandma to the hired men who were cutting hay in the fields, and sifting flour for grandma while she baked mountains of cookies.  I don’t have a single memory of a day on that farm without a cookie in my hand. I cherished the hours I spent with my grandma while we baked in the kitchen. I was too young to understand that while we bonded in her kitchen, all her wisdom about baking was being poured into my heart  while I nibbled on bits of cookie dough that spilled from the mixer.

me and gram

I fled the farm at the age of eighteen, dreaming of a life beyond the cornfields and truck stops. My soul wandered to Minneapolis Minnesota where I spent fifteen years soaking in all the culture and magic the city had to offer. I still get goosebumps when I see that skyline. My life was enriched by so many creative artists. I rubbed elbows with the Twin Cities top interior designers, jewelers, chefs, entrepreneurs, photographers and even drag queens. My world was abundant with artistic influence.  I was just getting settled into my ultimate “cool” status, living in Uptown with only my cat as my roommate when I met my husband to be.

me and hubby

I became a wife and started my training as a suburban domestic goddess. We immediately started a family and were blessed with two amazing daughter’s.

me and fam

After my children were born, I began to plan their birthday parties. This was when I began to notice that the knowledge my grandma had given me all those years ago was starting to resurface. I found myself developing a passion for designing their parties and baking for them! I also made it my mission to learn photography so I could be the one documenting them on their special days. When I discovered that I was planning their photo shoots, parties and menu’s about 6 months ahead of time-  I knew I’d found something I could really enjoy sharing with others.

Now I’m so blessed and grateful to have a business where I can share my love of desserts, design and photography. Living a creative life and following my artistic vision is all I have ever wanted and I feel so blessed to share it with you!

Please visit my “Living Authentically” section to read about how our family has re located from the Twin Cities and moved back to the farm to follow our dreams! It is quite the tale!