Everyone should have one person in their corner. One person who makes them feel like they could conquer the world, and when life crashes you to the ground, your pretty pride is soaked in sadness and shame, they tell you:

“Come home. Have a cookie and we’ll sort this out.”

My whole life there have been two things that have meant home to me:

1.My Grandma

2. Her cookies

When the world was kicking me while I was down, I knew she’d be there waiting to hear about it and love me in that magical unconditional way only a grandma can. Through every bad boyfriend break up, every job lost, every time my heart was broken, every tear-filled phone call back to the farm, I knew that as long as I had her and one of her cookies- everything would be alright.

So when life hurled us to the ground in it’s latest attempt to strengthen our will and restore our faith….I found myself turning to the very place my soul sleeps sound. The place where the gravel crunching under my feet, the sound of the coffee pot gurgling, and the creaking of the old oak door are the sound track of my youth.

We came back to the farm.

And I sat at the very same kitchen counter where she’s served me almost every meal of my childhood.

And I had a cookie.

And we are sorting this out: just like she promised.

And somehow I just know that everything is going to be alright.

Grama Ricci RAW 137

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