My own emotional pain is something I used to try my hardest to run away from. And I mean run. Yet, for some reason, when I see others who are in pain….I can openly express my heart to them and I find myself willingly wading in the deep with whatever they are going through. That has always been there for me. That “thing” that tells me to pick up my life jacket and jump on in with whomever it is… Read more »

There’s a part of our story that I haven’t shared with many. It’s probably the hardest part of our tale, the one I avoid and skip over when I’m sharing our journey with others. It’s the part about how this all came to be. The true story. This won’t be the frilly, fluffy fancy version where I talk about the bright and shiny parts. It’s actually the part I still have the hardest time with. You see, this part of… Read more »