When you are a creative, a visionary and the one who seeks to express yourself in a more colorful way….it often brings about moments of beauty mixed with agony that only those who understand this life can fully grasp.   We live in a visually saturated world these days. The glory of Pinterest,  Instagram and Facebook have somehow put all of us in a silent competition. We don’t think we are competing…but we are. It’s there.   The minute the… Read more »

It was nearly eleven months ago when the tires of our cars hit the crunchy gravel of this driveway and our new life began. We showed up on the doorstep of a home which was to be our cradle and rock us back to some sort of normal again. We were running on pure adrenaline by the time we arrived. When Jon lost his job we had 14 days to move out of our apartment. We had no where to… Read more »